Our ultra-precision model PP-8000 Perimetric Grinding Fixture is extremely versatile and accurate. Featuring a 3” wide regulating roller, it’s guaranteed to less than 30 Millionths (less than 1 micron) run-out. When concentricity and roundness on a core pin, cutting tool blanks, or any other round tooling is critical, this is the ideal solution.


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Product Features

  • Profile Grind, Plunge Grind, Peel Grind, In-Feed & Thru-Feed Grind!
  • Standard 3” wide Regulating Roller, with Optional widths available (.500”,1.00”, 2.00”)
  • Variety of carbide tipped work blades, stops arms, bearing arms, wrenches and more all included
  • All Tooling included for parts 1.5mm to 75mm in diameter
  • All Tooling included for parts 200mm O.A.L, optional tooling for part with longer O.A.L.
  • Dressing arbor/attachment for diamond and CBN grinding wheels
  • Perimetric Work-Holding with guaranteed concentricity of less than 30 millionths of an inch (less than 1 micron) Without Indicating!
  • Made from hard coated aircraft aluminum, stainless steel hardware (screws, sine bars, etc) allowing for fast, user friendly freely moving set-ups.
  • Available with optional thru-feed centerless grinding package, single or dual point diamond dressing for vitrified/conventional wheels, variety of regulating roller widths and spacers, base plates and magnetic sine bar mounts for various surface grinders.


  • Full One-Year Limited Warranty On All Parts and Labor


  • Includes Tru Tech Unit Training Video. For information regarding training at our facility, please contact us.


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